RISE 15 Year Report

RISE is an organization that works with children of incarcerated parents in Rhode Island. To commemorate their first 15 years of impact and to set up for the following 15, RISE asked me to create a booklet style report filled with photos and infographics. Thanks to RISE for the opportunity to work together!

CLIENT: RISE (Rhode Islanders Sponsoring Education)

PROJECT: 15 Year Report concept, design, and illustration

RESOURCES: Printing by TwoBolt

Working with Alli was seamless. She is an intuitive listener, an organized communicator, and had a firmly yet gentle way of keeping us on task. She not only absorbed our vision and desire for the report, but she took it to another level. The balance of sensual imagery, direct quotes and easy to access data pictures sit well in the openess and space of a clean aesthetic - giving room to absorb it all. I think we produced a powerful tool that I am confident will have a positive impact on our ability to solicit support for our work.
— Jonny Skye, Executive Director